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Counter Ease Hand hold Tablet KIOSK

Product introduction

Product description

Counter Ease Hand hold Tablet KIOSK

CES with a hand strap, so you can lift the tablet at any time for a flexible application
Suitable for any environment where you need to carry tablet , retail, medical, hospitality, travel and many other industries.
Hand hold Tablet Enclosure
iPad Security Stand

iPad Security Enclosure



  1. 符合手掌手持設計與手持束帶。
  2. 束帶可以快速固定在平板支架上。
  3. 360度的旋轉角度,支架可以隨時移動。
  4. 支架完美的45度傾角設計。
  5. 適用於需要隨時攜帶平板移動的場合。


Tablet Enclosure
iPad kiosk
Tablet POS Stand

OEM Service



According to your needs, the stand part can be made into black and white.




Suit for iPad mini, iPad2,3,4, Air, 2017, 2018, Pro 9.7,10.5", 11"Samsung Tab A, S3


To print your  logo on to make your brand more vivid.