Two of major telecom companies in European O2 (UK)) TIM (ITALY) selected MTI Apple series products


MTI's authorized sales partners in Italy successfully installed Freedom Micro&Core II, stand-alone mobile phone anti-theft and flat-panel burglar alarms nationwide (all stores) within 3 weeks.
TIM chose MTI because of its strong security in protecting Apple's flagship store products while maintaining the flexible design of the fixture options.

MTI works closely with O2 in the UK to deliver an elegant, high-security solution for Apple Watch.
This is a strategic project that combines Apple's high profile. O2 hopes to present an amazing brand experience by offering Apple Watch's 40mm and 44mm smart watches.
This project has an aggressive delivery and installation schedule that requires a collaborative approach to designing and delivering this customized solution to all of their stores on time.

Future prospects for non-brand customers

Globally, the relationship between MTI and Apple continues to grow.
We see an increasing need to support Apple Retail Partners through tiered (high customer experience and high security) anti-theft security solutions.
We encourage you to communicate with us to understand your Apple needs so that we can provide them with services that are closer to the needs in future projects!
For more information about our partnership with Apple, 3C anti-theft device solutions and how we can grow your local business together, please contact the Zhicheng team.
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